What to post on Instagram

Hey guys!

Today, I’m excited to share with you some tips to help you stand out on Instagram. We constantly need to post images that highlight our creativity but sometimes we don’t have time to figure out what to post. I’m going to share with some amazing content ideas that will save you when you feel stuck for what to post on Instagram! If you are interested in knowing those tips keep on reading!


  1. A Hobby

For example, are you an artist? Share your latest work!

  1. Your Morning Routine

Tell your audience how you set your intention for the day. You can post a picture drinking coffee, or you could just photograph your bed sheet.

  1. Your workplace

Try a photograph of your desk!

  1. Your outfit

When we need to go well dressed to an occasion, we visit Instagram to get inspired. If your outfit style game is strong, pose and post!

  1. Is there a quote you always say? Jump to your favorite app and create your own graphic to share!
  2. Your Sunday morning

How do you start your Sunday?

Do you sleep until 12 am?

Do you wake up early and stay reading a book or drinking coffee?

  1. Lay your favorite equipment and describe why they are important to you


  1. Is your Instagram feed looking a little crowded?

Take a photo of something plane (ex: textured wall, the water in the pool, or shadows on the floor)


  1. Sunrise or Sunset


  1. Find an “Instagrammable wall”

You’ve seen people standing in front of colorful walls. Why can’t this be you too?


  1. A bird’s eye view of your shoes and flooring
  1. The interior of your favorite café or shop


That’s it for today. Don’t forget to give this post a like and to follow my blog (by email).

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