How to edit photos on your phone

Hey guys!!

I’m really excited today to share this with you because a lot of you were asking me “how I edit my photos, what apps I’m using, tips on having Instagram aesthetic, and how to improve your Instagram feed”. So, I decided to share this post to give some tips for beginners who maybe just started editing their photos. If you are interested in learning how to edit your photos and improve your Instagram feed keep on reading.

The first app that I like to use is “VSCOcam”. A lot of you guys have probably heard of it. This app is really good if you just started getting to editing, and it’s a free app.

The fun fact that I couldn’t sleep and started taking photos because I was bored (remember one of my tips was to shoot every day). So, I will be showing you examples on the photos that I just took.

Once you upload your photo on VSCO, bunch of filters will come up. I recommend you using the “A” series. I use “A4” for brown, neutrals, and whites. Or, I recommend for “C” series, if you’re looking for more colorful vibe. Also, I recommend for “HB” series, if you’re looking for light blue or dark blue vibe.

Once you picked the filter, you can start editing. I’ll share with you some of color editing buttons:

– “Exposure” is how much bright you want your photo.

– “Sharpness” helps the photo to look clearer.

– “Saturation” makes the color of the photo pop or the contrast.

– “Temperature” makes the photo have a warm or cold feel.

– “Grain” has been popular on a lot of the posts lately. It gives vintage feel and texture to the photo.

So, these are the photos that I took before and after editing. I’m sharing exactly what I did to have this filter on your photos.

I used the “C1” filter

-exposure: -1.0

-contrast: +2.0

-saturation: +0.5

-temperature: +2.5

-tint: -2.5

Later, I will be sharing more filters to help you having an aesthetic Instagram feed.

If you are already using VSCO and you want to do more with editing and get advanced. I recommend using “Lightroom CC”. I just started using it on my computer. That’s more advanced, so if you’re a beginner and you want to learn what Lightroom is all about. You can download the app on your phone and it’s free on the app store.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did, don’t forget to give this post a like and to follow my blog (by email).

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